Weglokoks acquires Port Polnocny (Northern Port) in Gdansk

Weglokoks acquires Port Polnocny (Northern Port) in Gdansk

Aerial view on the Northern Port in Gdansk
Photo: Port Polnocny Sp. z o.o.

Weglokoks, the Polish capital group bringing together companies from the steel, energy and logistics industries, acquired 80% of the shares in Port Połnocny.
Since 2008, the major shareholder of Port Połnocny has been a Belgian „SEA-invest” group, a leader among handling companies in Western Europe and Africa. The main advantage of Port Połnocny is access to the deep-water quay. This gives Weglokoks many strategic benefits in the market. It plans to increase the handling capacity from 10 million tons annually to 15 million tons and even 20 million tons in the longer term.

“Access to deep water makes us a significant player, not only in Poland but throughout the entire Western and Eastern European strip, as we also intend on serving the Czech and Slovak markets. We are taking over two piers, and only one is active. The former operator, the company owner until yesterday, was not interested in developing this pier. But we have an idea for its development. We want to adapt it bidirectionality, as we are considering various types of bulk cargo,” said Tomasz Heryszek.- CEO of Weglokoks

Source: Port of Gdansk


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