Gdansk: Completion of the development project at Speed terminal

Gdansk: Completion of the development project at Speed terminal

The construction of two storage and maneuvering yards in the inner harbour, with a total area of approximately 20,000 square metres, together with access roads, a connector to the railway tracks and the necessary electricity, water and sewage, fire protection and telecommunications infrastructure, has come to an end. In addition, the construction works have been completed and the acceptance procedure for the grain storage facility has begun. The investment was carried out by Port of Gdansk and Speed Sp. z o.o

Speed company in Gdansk operates in the immediate vicinity of the Vistula (Wislane) Quay, between Handlowa Street and the railway siding complex. The company operates from two multipurpose terminals, one in the Port of Gdansk and the other in Gdynia. It deals primarily with the handling of bulk cargos.

Work on the construction of the storage yards began in October 2022. They were one of the elements serving the development of the potential to ensure Poland’s energy security and the need to increase the Port of Gdansk’s coal handling capacity.

In addition, a warehouse – a hall tent with an area of approx. 4,000 sq m (50×80 m) – was erected at the back of the Vistula (Wislane) Quay. (measuring 50×80 m and approximately 10 m high), dedicated to grain handling. It is a modern hall with built-in retaining walls, which will be able to store and handle more than 23,000 tonnes of grain.

„It will be possible to store grain up to a height of 6m and middlings up to 8m. The entire investment also includes: an 8,000sq m sealed tray yard with a rainwater treatment system allowing handling cargos whose leachate can be a problem for the environment, such as scrap metal, sulphur, phosphate; and 4,500sq m warehouse for neutral chemicals like: fertilisers, caustic soda. On top of that approximately 15,000sq m of storage and manoeuvring yards,” – said Anna Drozd from Speed.

Source: Port of Gdansk  & Polish News Agency (PAP)


Photo: Port of Gdansk


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