Romanian Quay in OT Port in Gdynia can accommodate Panamax size vessels.

Romanian Quay in OT Port in Gdynia can now accommodate Panamax size vessels.

The latest investment by the Management Board of Gdynia Maritime Port marks a significant milestone in the port’s development. By reconstructing the port entrance, deepening the channel, and modernizing the Romanian Quay, the port can now accommodate larger Panamax class vessels, with a draft of up to 14.5 meters and the capacity to carry up to 80,000 tonnes of agricultural products. This expansion has unlocked significant potential, allowing the terminal to handle three to four Panamax vessels per month, significantly increasing productivity with a daily loading rate of approximately 18,000 tonnes.

This investment is more than just an infrastructure improvement; it’s an investment in the port’s future and its integral role within the broader logistics network. In particular, this development positions Gdynia Port as the leading facility in Poland for accommodating deep draft vessels for handling agricultural cargo.

The increased ship handling capacity improves services for existing customers and opens up new opportunities. With the ability to accommodate larger vessels, the port is better positioned to participate in tenders in countries that source grain from Poland, such as those in Africa or the Persian Gulf region.

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