New shore crane in Gdansk

New shore crane at PG Eksploatacja S.A. terminal in Gdansk

Shore crane on the deck of the vessel
Photo: PG Eksploatacja S.A.

In October 2023, Port Gdański Eksploatacja S.A, the largest and most versatile transshipment operator in Polish seaports, received the third and the last of LHM 550 cranes. The first crane was delivered at the end of 2022, while the second crane has been in operation since June of this year.

The Liebherr LHM 550 is a versatile crane capable of handling various cargo types, including coal, grain, ores, scrap metal, and containerized goods, regardless of container size, thanks to its wide range of available grapples. This mobile equipment is placed on a chassis with 72 wheels, weighing over 400 tonnes. Depending on the extension of its arm, it can independently lift up to 100 tonnes. The new Liebherr crane’s grab has a capacity of 28 tonnes for coal, three times the capacity of older models.

These three cranes will primarily operate at the newly renovated Dworzec Drzewny quay at the Port of Gdansk. However, due to their mobility, they will also be capable of handling cargo transfers in neighboring areas, including the Ore Quay and the vicinity of the Mining Basin.



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