Chorzowskie Quay in Szczecin ready for operation after modernization

Port of Szczecin
Port of Szczecin - Chorzowskie Quay

The Szczecin and Swinoujscie Seaports Authority SA has been consistently enhancing access to the port of Szczecin in the Kashubian Basin area. A significant milestone in this ongoing project is the completion of the Chorzowskie Quay modernization, which is now ready for operation.

The Chorzowskie Quay is 295.65 meters long and has a technical depth of 12.5 meters. It can handle an operational load of 40 kN/sq m and is primarily designed for bulk cargo handling.

As part of the same investment, a new Dabrowieckie Quay was constructed to facilitate regular transshipments of sulfuric acid. This quay received its first vessel on April 26 this year.

The broader „Improving Access to the Port of Szczecin in the Kashubian Basin Area” project encompasses the reconstruction of the Chorzowskie, Katowickie, Chorzowskie-Uskok quays with a ro-ro ramp, and the Gliwice Uskok quay.

It also includes developing the Notecki Basin and building the Closing Quay. Additionally, the project involves deepening the Kashubian Basin to 12.5 meters, strengthening the corners of Ostrow Mielenski and Mielemska Łaka Islands, as well as strengthening the corner of the Sosnowiecki Quay. Currently, the project is approximately 86% complete.

Source: Port of Szczecin


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